Why was Ally Scandic diaper bags brand born?

Älly Scandic founder and CEO Silja Lipp

My name is Silja Lipp. I am the founder of the Ally Scandic brand and the mother of two fantastic sons. Above all, I value my family and believe that life must be beautiful and worth living. You can and should lead an active life also with young children because life should always be full of adventures, little twists and emotions. I have wanted to create something valuable, something new and special for years. Now I can safely say that the Älly brand and products are exactly the value I want to offer all parents.

When my sons were still young, I had a hard time finding bags that were comfortable, could hold everything I needed as well as be stylish and of high quality at the same time. In response, the Ally Scandic brand was born.

Ally can be a superhero of a mother or father like you, who values ​​comfort and quality in the wake of new life. On the other hand, Ally can be a mature and experienced babysitter who is there to help and support you at any time. It will be whatever you need it to be!

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I design all Ally Scandic bags and accessories with love and care. Every detail - the location and size of pockets, the materials and zippers, the colors and accessories - has been carefully considered and extensively tested.

I set the goals based on the experiences, needs, and habits of my family and other parents. Before deciding on the final models, I tested the materials and cuts and had several samples made.

Fortunately, we are a family with a very active and mobile lifestyle. It is typical for us to drive to a country house or a spa for the weekend, travel three weeks around another continent or relax for a week in some European hotel. Through all these wonderful adventures I gained a thorough insight into what a good diaper bag should be like.

Frequent visits to friends, trips to cafes and the zoo, as well as walking for two to three hours in nature with the children have also contributed much. In addition, everyday life both in a small apartment and a spacious private house has made us look for better storing and transporting solutions of baby supplies.

My sincere wish is to offer all active parents quality products that make life with young children easier and more beautiful. For me, mothers and fathers are like superheroes who bravely fight everyday concerns, but in return, can also enjoy the ultimate happiness and joy that children offer.

Becoming a mother can be challenging, I still feel it from time to time. Not everything always goes as I hoped. Changing and growing from a free, adventurous and personable woman into a mother is a serious ordeal. Parents will always face difficult situations that cannot be avoided but some problems and a lot of stress can be prevented. To this purpose, I have created solutions for the convenient storage of baby supplies both at home and on the go.

On this wonderful journey, the Ally Scandic products help you to stay active, stylish, confident and calm. You are a superhero and deserve the best tools for the job!


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The core values ​​of the Ally Scandic brand are quality, design and functionality.

The Ally Scandic products are unique, Nordic in their design and created especially for you. I have designed the unconventional diaper bags consciously. In my opinion, not all children’s’ products need to have a child-like appearance. The Älly bag must give the mother a chance for self-expression and the courage to use it at any time and in any situation. The Älly bag not only serves your baby but is a good companion for you even when your baby is older.

Quality is very important to me, because by using a product with a longer lifespan, everyone can contribute to the protecting of our environment and reduce the ecological footprint. In our products, we only use the best materials, as well as functional and smart solutions.

The materials of Ally Scandic products have been carefully selected to be durable, lightweight and easy-care. All materials comply with REACH and CPSIA requirements, which gives me and you the assurance that they do not contain any harmful chemicals. We use only YKK zippers that are rated the best and most durable in the world.

We carefully check the quality of each seam and detail in several stages before we deliver the bag or accessory to you.

My third “child“ is my Labrador Lenna, who is a full member of our family. Just as I value my dog, I value other animals and condemn their cruel treatment. Let the animal’s skin remain on the animal, not in any Ally Scandic products. That’s why our choice is PU vegan leather.

I believe every little good deed can make someone’s day or even life better. That’s why we donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of each Ally Scandic product to children’s and animal charities. Let’s help those in need together!

The goal of the Ally Scandic brand is to make life easier and more beautiful. I want to support you on this wonderful journey. I believe that a sense of togetherness, encouragement, trust and sharing experiences paves the way for pleasant emotions and quality time, as well as self-confidence and development.

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I consider your experience and feedback to be extremely valuable and important. Only together shall we achieve something extraordinary!

You deserve the best and that what I am offering to you.

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